Professional Skin Care & Cruelty Free

Dr. Murad founds Murad, Inc., the first brand of clinical skincare products, setting a new standard for high performance skincare.

Founded by Dermatologist and Pharmacist Dr Howard Murad, we deliver ultimate hydration and skin wellness through the science of water.

Over 25 Years of Innovation and InspirationMurad Skincare – the 1st ‘Doctor Brand’, founded in 1989.  Dr. Murad launched what he called his “skincare revolution” at a speaking engagement at Esthetics’ West Expo in May of 1990. His manifesto was simple “skincare is healthcare.” His vision was to bring skincare professionals of all stripes together to work as a team, using scientifically proven formulas and technologies, to help people achieve the healthiest, most beautiful skin possible.

Your Beauty Routine staff are qualified with Diploma in Beauty Therapy. Therefore, if you have any skin concerns and you don’t know what type of skin you have or you don’t know how to start to use a professional skin care, please call us on 03 5622 1024 or email

Our staff are willing to answer your questions and help you.

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Showing 1–16 of 49 results