18 in 1 boasts of 18 benefits to achieve healthy looking and shiny hair. The key ingredient of Kakadu Plum adds moisturisation and hydration to the hair, maintaining levels of collagen and elastin which is essential for healthy and lustrous hair. Argan Oil makes hair softer, silkier and shinier by conditioning and treating split ends and taming split ends.

In addition, it restores the hair’s keratin, the natural proteins in the hair to strengthen the hair shaft, and amino acids and Vitamin E necessary for healthy hair growth. The brand first released its Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner which became renowned for its ability to repair damaged hair to its natural health and make it smooth and silky.

The 18 in 1 Moisturising Crème was a game changer, the ultimate leave-in to condition and soften the hair all day. 18 in 1 also has a selection of thermal protection to ensure your hair is safe from heating tools and protected from environmental factors. On top of this, its delectable coconut crème scent will make your hair smell delicious. All products are Australian owned and made, animal cruelty free, and free of salt, paraben and sulfate.

The latest addition to the brand is the Violet and Blue range of shampoos and masks have become widely popular for their ability to tone hair between salon visits. The 18 in 1 Intense Violet tones unwanted yellow from bleached or streaked hair. 18 in 1 Intense Blue tones unwanted orange or brassy tones from bleached or streaked hair. They also come in masks to condition whilst toning for a further smoothing effect.

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Showing all 15 results