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Warning!!  These products are for professional use only. We accept no responsibility for any misuse.

Draw Hair Color is a beautifully Italian color.82 brilliant shades with extremely vibrant hues.

A professional range that is simple to use, infused with vitamins to retain moisture, and strengthen the hair whilst processing.

Draw hair Color is a blue based formulation. Neutralising warm reflects from light tones becomes an easier process allowing for cooler blonder results.

Traditionally we find that green based colours are great for neutralising darker hair although they tend to struggle when it comes to counteracting warmth from blondes, this is why Draw offers an easy solution giving the hairdresser the flexibility to achieve warm dark shades and cool light tones.
For those who want cool dark shades Draw offers /2 matt range to neutralize all red reflect. All bases are covered in one compact range.

The result: fantastic coverage great reflect and beautiful shine. A back to basics Color with all that you would expect from a scientifically advanced formula.

Sensitivity Test

It is always advisable to carry out sensitivity test prior to using any colour for the first time. This done by applying small amount inside the arm, or just behind the ear. Leave it for 24 hours. to see if any allergic reaction occurs. No allergic reaction then you are free to proceed.

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