Nuance Hair Colour 100gm


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COLOURING CREAM with Ceramides

Allows you to achieve the best colouring results with fantastic shine. It guarantees a total coverage of white hair, an excellent long-lasting colour and it leaves hair soft and natural.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE – Oxidizing creamy emulsion selection: 40 vol. to lighten 3 or 4 tones; 30 vol. to lighten 2 or 3 tones; 20 vol. to get tone on tone colouring, to lighten 1 tone, to cover grey hair; 10 vol. to darken 1 tone and dye bleached hair. If hair needs to be lightened more than 4 tones, we recommend the use of super lightening nuances.
-follow the indicated use instruction carefully.
– Don`t apply on damaged , irritated or pathology affected skin.
– The product can produce allergic reaction on particularly sensible skin. It is recommended to do a preliminary sensibility test.Preliminary sensibility test:
– Clean with alcohol a small zone behind an ear or on the elbow bent.
– Apply a small quantity of the colour product, repeating the operation 3 times; let it dry and wait 48 hours without rinsing.
– If some local rash, swelling or itching, occur in this period, avoid the use of the product.

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Farmavita Life Colours

1.0 Black, 1.10 Blue Black, 10.0 PLat Blonde, 10.02 Platinum Pearl Blonde, 10.1 Platinum Ash Blonde, 3 Dk Brown, 4.0 Med Brown, 4.00 Intense Brown, 4.03 Warm Brown, 4.1 Ash Brown, 4.12 Ash Irisee Brown, 4.20 Irisee Brown, 4.3 Golden Brown, 4.35 Chocolate Brown, 4.4 Copper Brown, 4.5 Mahogany Brown, 4.52 Chocolate Mahogany Brown, 4.77 Med Brown Brown Intensive, 5.0 Lt Brown, 5.0 Lt Intense Brown, 5.03 Warm Lt Brown, 5.07 Lt Matt Brown, 5.1 Lt Ash Brown, 5.12 Lt Ash Irisee Brown, 5.20 Lt Irisee Brown, 5.3 Lt Golden Brown, 5.31 Lt Golden Ash Brown, 5.35 Lt Chocolate Brown, 5.4 Lt Copper Brown, 5.43 Lt Copper Golden Blonde, 5.5 Lt Mahogany Brown, 5.52 Lt Chocolate Mahogany Brown, 5.62 Lt Red Violet Brown, 5.64 Lt Red Copper Brown, 5.7 Lt Brown Brown, 5.77 Lt Brown Brown Intensive, 6.0 Dk Blonde, 6.0 Dk Intense Blonde, 6.03 Warm Dk Blonde, 6.07 Dk Matt Blonde, 6.1 Dk Ash Blonde, 6.13 Dark Beige Blonde, 6.15 Dark Ash Mahogany Blonde, 6.26 Dk Irisee Blonde, 6.3 Dark Golden BLonde, 6.31 Dk Golden Ash Blonde, 6.32 Dark Golden Irisee Blonde, 6.34 Dark Golden Copper Blonde, 6.35 Dk Chocolate Brown, 6.4 Dark Copper Blonde, 6.43 Dk Copper Gold Blonde, 6.45 Dk Copper Mahogany Blonde, 6.46 Dk Copper Red Blonde, 6.5 Dk Mahogany Brown, 6.52 Dk Chocolate Mahogany Brown, 6.62 Dk Red Violet Blonde, 6.64 Dk Red Copper Blonde, 6.66 Dk Intense Red Blonde, 6.7 Dark Blonde Brown, 6.77 Dark Blonde Brown Intensive, 7.0 Blonde, 7.00 Intense Blonde, 7.03 Warm Blonde, 7.07 Matt Blonde, 7.1 Ash Blonde, 7.13 Beige Blonde, 7.3 Golden Blonde, 7.31 Golden Ash Blonde, 7.32 Golden Irisee Blonde, 7.33 Intense Golden Blonde, 7.4 Copper Blonde, 7.43 Copper Gold Blonde, 7.44 Intense Copper BLonde, 7.45 Copper Mahogany Blonde, 7.46 Copper Red Blonde, 7.62 Red Violet BLonde, 7.64 Red Copper BLonde, 7.66 Intense Red Blonde, 7.7 Medium Blonde Brown, 8.0 Lt Blonde, 8.00 Lt Intense Blonde, 8.03 Warm Lt Blonde, 8.07 Lt Matt Blonde, 8.1 Lt Ash Blonde, 8.13 Lt Beige Blonde, 8.3 Lt Golden Brown, 8.33 Lt Intense Golden Blonde, 8.34 Lt Golden Copper Blonde, 8.4 Lt Copper BLonde, 8.45 Lt Copper Mahogany Blonde, 8.66 Lt Intense Red Blonde, 8.7 Lt BLonde Brown, 9.0 Very Lt Blonde, 9.02 Very Lt Pearl Blonde, 9.07 Very Lt Matt Blonde, 9.1 Very Lt Ash Blonde, 9.13 Very Lt Beige Blonde, 9.22 Very Lt Irisee Rose Blonde, 9.3 Very Lt Golden Blonde, 9.33 Very Lt Intense Golden Blonde